The EDS energy roof system is not comparable with other photovoltaic systems. The high-tech product for power generation works at the highest electrical level and ensures a 100% rain-proof clay roof.

Only the clay tile has the ability to absorb condensation moisture (condensation) due to its high absorbency and release it to the outside. This can be very important for the effectiveness of insulating materials in loft conversions.

Power output and absolute system security are guaranteed by:

- the sophisticated electro technical wiring of circuits (parallel connection)
- The solution of shading problem with obstacles on the roof
- High efficiency (brick cooling and monocrystalline silicon cells)
- A low voltage system (max 43,3 V per module)
- A patented security system for system shutdown - Solararedge inverter

The high technical EDS standard (MPPT, bypass diodes ...........) allows comparability with alternative systems only limited.